Changes at TWiT

As we head into October, there will be a few changes on TWiT.

Starting next week, OMGcraft will be leaving our network. Chad “OMGchad” Johnson will continue his show independently, and new episodes will be posted on the OMGcraft YouTube channel.

We are also retiring The Social Hour. Originally called net@night, it is one of our longest-running netcasts, starting when “social media” was still in its infancy. As the landscape has matured and trends have shifted towards apps, we feel that social media coverage is now a part of almost every show on our network.

For similar reasons, redditUP will also be going on hiatus. It may return in a revamped form at some point.

Chad will continue to co-host The Giz Wiz, and you’ll still see him at the Tricaster throughout the week. Sarah Lane will continue to host Tech News 2Night and iFive for the iPhone, in addition to co-hosting iPad Today. You can keep up with Amber MacArthur’s latest projects by following @ambermac on Twitter.

Marketing Mavericks will be moving to Thursdays at 12 noon, starting on October 2.

As always, we appreciate your support as we go through these changes.  Leo and I continuously strive to make TWiT the best it can be and we couldn’t do it without you.


Apple iPhone 6 Special Event - 9/9 at 10 AM PDT

Please Join Leo Laporte, Sarah Lane, Mike Elgan and Alex Lindsay live on Tuesday, September 9, 2014 at 10 AM for TWiT's live coverage of Apple's reveal of the new iPhone. We are expecting to see the next generation iPhone as well as the company's long-rumored entry into wearable computing. 


MacBreak Weekly will follow our coverage of Apple's live stream and will feature iJustine and interviews with Andy Ihnatko, Rene Richie, and many others at the event.  


You can watch and listen live at


Please note: 

Tech News Today will record an hour earlier that day, at 9:00AM.  

MacBreak Weekly is expected to begin at 12:00 PM


(All times PDT, GMT -7:00)



Samsung Unpacked 2014 - 9/3 at 6 AM

On Wednesday, September 3 at 6AM, please join Leo LaporteMike Elgan and Gina Trapani for our live, breaking news coverage of Samsung's second Unpacked event for 2014.  The event is being simulcast from the stage in Berlin to both New York and Bejing. 

Samsung is expected to announce their next generation Galaxy Note 4 phablet at this event.

You can watch and listen live at

(All times PDT, GMT -7:00)


Celebrating One Year on Air Canada

We're thrilled to have TWiT programming available as part of Air Canada's in-flight programming.

You can read more here--and stay tuned, we should have more news on additional airlines coming soon!


Padre's Corner Launches August 12th!

Padre's Corner launches with its first official episode on August 12th. The show will record on Tuesdays at 7:30PM Pacific, and be available for download and streaming later that night.

While the show is not necessarily about tech news, it is created by those who love news about technology. You can join Padre each week as he picks up the stories that fall through the cracks, and also geek out with your favorite folks from around the Interwebz.

You can find links to subscribe here.