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For the next few weeks, we're offering a new, limited edition TWiT T-shirt through Teespring.
Screen-printed on a Fruit of the Loom, American Apparel, or LAT Women's Crew Neck T-shirt, these shirts are available in three colors (Black, Dark Red, and Forest Green).
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Inside TWiT October 16, 2013


New TWiT Schedule for 2014

We will be making some changes to the TWiT schedule for 2014. This will affect both the times that some shows are recorded live, as well as the days on which certain shows publish.

Here's the new schedule, which starts on January 6th, 2014.

10:00AM - Tech News Today
11:00AM - iPad Today
  1:00PM - Triangulation
  4:00PM - Tech News 2Night (starts 1/13)

10:00AM - Tech News Today
11:00AM - MacBreak Weekly
  1:00PM - Security Now
  3:00PM - Before You Buy
  4:00PM - Tech News 2Night
  5:00PM - All About Android
  7:00PM - NSFW

  8:30AM - FLOSS Weekly
10:00AM - Tech News Today
11:00AM - Windows Weekly
  1:00PM - This Week in Google
  4:00PM - Tech News 2Night
  4:30PM - The Giz Wiz
  6:00PM - Ham Nation

10:00AM - Tech News Today
11:00AM - The Social Hour
12:30PM - Know How...
  1:30PM - Coding 101 (starts 1/23)
  2:30PM - Home Theater Geeks
  4:00PM - Tech News 2Night
  5:00PM - OMGcraft

10:00AM - Tech News Today
11:00AM - This Week in Law
  4:00PM - Tech News 2Night

11:00AM - The Tech Guy

11:00AM - The Tech Guy
  3:00PM - This Week in Tech

(All times PST, GMT -8:00)

Apple Media Event Coverage: Tues 10/22

On Tuesday, October 22 at 9:30AM, please join Leo Laporte, Sarah Lane, Andy Ihnatko, and Alex Lindsay for TWiT’s live coverage of Apple's Media Event in San Francisco.

Apple is expected to unveil its fifth-generation iPad and second-generation iPad mini, as well as new MacBook Pros.

Our live coverage will be followed by a special episode of MacBreak Weekly, which will further discuss the day's breaking news.

You can watch and listen at

Please note: Tech News Today will record an hour and a half earlier that day, at 8:30AM.

(All times PDT, GMT -7:00)