Mobile World Congress 2015 Coverage

TWiT is covering 2015's Mobile World Congress from March 2nd to 4th!
Tech News Today news anchor Mike Elgan will be reporting live from Barcelona next Monday through Wednesday. Look for an update each day at 6AM Pacific on, as well as reports from Mike during Tech News Today (with guest anchor Megan Morrone) at 10AM.
We’ll also be publishing TWiT Specials with extended coverage from the show floor.
Here are links to all of our coverage:

Reminder: New TWiT Schedule Starts 3/1

Just a reminder that the new TWiT schedule starts on March 1st (this Sunday).

Click here for the complete schedule.


Myriam Joire Joins AAA & BYB

We're excited to announce the addition of Myriam Joire to All About Android and Before You Buy.

Myriam is now a contributing co-host on All About Android, and she will appear every other week (as her schedule permits). With Before You Buy, you can expect her to contribute reviews on a regular basis.

She has been an awesome guest in the past, and we're thrilled to have more of her on our network!


This Week in Tech: 2PM on Sunday 2/1

This Sunday's live recording of This Week in Tech will begin at 2PM PST--an hour earlier than usual--due to Super Bowl XLIX.
Leo Laporte's guests will be Nick Bilton from the New York Times and author Baratunde Thurston.

You can watch and listen live at, and the episode will be made available for download and on demand streaming later that evening.

New TWiT Schedule (Effective 3/1)

We are making some changes to the TWiT schedule. Starting the week of March 1st, a few of our shows will move to a new day and/or time:

Coding 101 moves to Monday at 2:30PM; Security Now moves a half hour to 1:30PM on Tuesday; Marketing Mavericks moves a half hour to 12:30PM on Thursday; Home Theater Geeks moves a half hour to 2PM on Thursday; This Week in Enterprise Tech moves to Friday at 1PM; Before You Buy moves to Friday at 3PM; and Padre's Corner moves to Friday at 5PM.


The New TWiT Schedule (Effective 3/1/15):
Denotes a new day and/or time.

11:00AM - The Tech Guy
  3:00PM - This Week in Tech

10:00AM - Tech News Today
11:00AM - Triangulation
12:30PM - iPad Today
  2:30PM - Coding 101
  4:00PM - Tech News 2Night

10:00AM - Tech News Today
11:00AM - MacBreak Weekly
  1:30PM - Security Now
  4:00PM - Tech News 2Night
  5:00PM - All About Android

  8:30AM - FLOSS Weekly
10:00AM - Tech News Today
11:00AM - Windows Weekly
  1:00PM - This Week in Google
  3:00PM - iFive for the iPhone
  4:00PM - Tech News 2Night
  4:30PM - Android App Arena
  6:00PM - Ham Nation

10:00AM - Tech News Today
11:00AM - Know How
  2:00PM - Home Theater Geeks
  4:00PM - Tech News 2Night
  4:30PM - The Giz Wiz

10:00AM - Tech News Today
11:00AM - This Week in Law
  2:00PM - Before You Buy
  4:00PM - Tech News 2Night
  5:00PM - Padre's Corner

11:00AM - The Tech Guy

Episodes are made available for on demand streaming and download later each day, and you can watch live at

Starting with the March 6th episode, Father Robert Ballecer will take over hosting Before You Buy; Leo Laporte will continue to contribute reviews to the show on a regular basis.

(All times PST, GMT -8:00)