OMGchad gives you a tour of the old studio.

A short video of OMGchad showing you a quick tour of the old studio. Follow the inside happenings of TWiT at
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Leo's grooming habits

We got some free product from Lanza. Leo put a generous protion in his hair and this is the aftermath. 

Here is a bonus picture of the TWiT staff going through all the cool product.


Take a peek at the new TWiT Brickhouse


Silliness at the Cottage


TWiT Live from NAB 2011

Hello from Las Vegas!!!!

The TWiT team is busy here at the Las Vegas Convention center setting up for NAB. We will be streaming live from our TWiT stage, taking you on tours of the convention center and you’ll even be joining us for dinner at the Broadcast Minds event where Leo is one of the keynote speakers!

The hosts for our NAB coverage are Leo, Alex Lindsay, Scott Wilkinson, and Kirk Harnack.

Here’s what our schedule looks like for the week:

Monday, April 11th

-9:00am: Live NAB coverage with Leo, Scott, & Kirk

-10:30am: Home Theater Geeks @ NAB

-12:00pm: Live NAB coverage with Leo & Alex

-1:00pm: James Cameron @ NAB Press Conference

Tuesday, April 12th

-9:00am: Live NAB coverage with Leo, Scott & Kirk

-11:00am: Mac Break Weekly @ NAB

-1:00pm: Mostly Photo @ NAB

-6:00pm: Live Coverage of Broadcast Minds Event @ the Renaissance Hotel in Vegas

Wednesday, April 13th

-9:00am: TWiRT @ NAB

-10:00am: Live NAB coverage with Leo, Scott & Kirk

-11:00am: Windows Weekly @ NAB

Thursday, April 14th

-9:00am: Live NAB coverage with Alex

NAB will not pre-empt your other favorite TWIT shows like TNT, iPT, TWiG, etc. However, some shows are swapping days, like Security Now and Windows Weekly. We’ll keep you updated with any new coverage we stream! 

(The bulk of this was actually written by our new PA Liz - give her a little shoutout!)