A very good video about TWiT

Jonathan Marks, a British guy from The Netherlands who works on podcasting projects in West Africa, took on another interesting project as he interviewed Leo, Dane and Colleen about the nature of TWiT.

Inside Leo Laporte's TWiT Cottage, Petaluma from Jonathan Marks on Vimeo.


Free Wi-Fi here

Here's the viral video about a woman who called in to Leo about how to keep getting free Wi-Fi. More than 500,000 views so far.

Loren Feldman gets no TWiT ScottEVest Fleece

Loren Feldman thinks Leo hates him and he's still bummed that he doesn't have a TWiT ScottEVest fleece. Loren appeared on TWiT 212: Leave The Gun, Take The Calacanis

BTW ScottEVest is having their year-end sale today. Not on TWiT merchandise.

REVISED: Scott Jordan responds


See Adam Savage today at Macworld Live

Adam Savage of MythBusters fame will be on stage with Leo today at Macworld Live, a variety show held at 2pm PST at Moscone Center North Hall Room 134, open to all who have Expo passes. We'll also be live streaming on and this will be viewable as a special episode of MacBreak Weekly


Catch Heather Gold today at Macworld Live

Catch comedian Heather Gold today as part of Macworld Live, 2pm PST at Macworld Expo (Moscone Center North Hall Room 134). Live streaming on and recorded as a special MacBreak Weekly.

Heather Gold's Stand-up Reel from heather gold on Vimeo.