Happy Halloween from TWiT!

Thanks to @grahamhancock for the screengrab.


TWiT shows "bring the funny"

This is nothing new to those of you who are long time viewers/listeners. However, I'm still a n00b and honestly had no idea that many of the hosts constantly "bring the funny"! Take your pick: pre, post or during the show. Whatever the time, there is almost always something funny shared.

It's a new goal of mine to take excerpts from the livestream and post them - specifically pre or post show. Here are some of my picks from the last week:

Gina's Tip of the week, The Facebook Condom:

Windows Weekly - the scissors incident:

iPad Today, Sarah needs a barber:

I'll try and post interesting and funny clips when I see them. If you have suggestions, let me know! In the meantime, subscribe to our YouTube channel to be the first to see the funny!


The real TWiT Producer revealed!

It's Ozzy Laporte!!!! Thanks to Jacob for this screen grab.

Bonus: caption this and post in the comments. Best answer will win a small prize!



What happens in Vegas...

I thought it would be sacrilegious to attend BlogWorld 2010 and not blog about our travels. So here goes. Leo, Lisa, Tom, Sarah and myself attended the show for a brief day.

Here's Leo with a recap:

We even went live with TNT from the blogger lounge.

The video quality wasn't ideal (we had issues on the show floor), but the audio was nice and clean thanks to Blog World Radio. Make sure to scroll to the end of the video for an outtake. Our video went down during the first sponsor read and Jason, Ken and Burke improvised.

Unfortunately we missed most of the panels, but at least we got to walk to show floor!

It was such a fast and furious weekend and in the end we were all pretty beat, but no one more tired than our Chief TWiT. I took this photo and used for the filter. By the way, we were snapping fools on this trip.

Oh, and our hotel was the Mandalay Bay, profiled in the movie The Hangover. Unfortunately, no tigers, babies, or Mike Tyson encounters on this trip.

I have one more video to share, but I think I need Leo and Sarah's permission first ;)


Inside TWiT is back!

Message from the Chief TWiT: