Be a part of Tech News Today this holiday season!

The folks at Tech News Today will be AFK (Away From Kottage) during the week of December 27-31 in observance of the Christmas/New Years holiday. But that doesn't mean there won't be new episodes of TNT! Though won't be there every day to recount the daily tech news, we're getting a little creative, and we need your help! There are a couple of ways you can take part in the holiday episodes to help fill the void:

Best Of TNT:

Do you remember a moment or discussion from the show that stands out as one of the best/funniest/punniest/awkward moments since TNT began on June 1, 2010? Visit and let us know which moments are your favorites! Might I suggest using the TNT playlist on YouTube for fast and easy viewing? Deadline for submissions is Wednesday, December 15.

Open Mic:

How would you like to join the TNT folks via Skype for an episode? We will select three folks to join us on an episode that is all about YOU! We'll bring you into the show complete with Skype video and don't forget to set aside your favorite tech story of 2010 because we'll want to talk to you about it! The episode will be recorded on Monday, December 20, from 12-1pm PT so you MUST be available during that time in order to be considered. Here's what you do:

  1. Send an email to (subject: Open Mic).
  2. List your name, skype ID, and a little bit about yourself and why you would like to be considered.
  3. Confirm that you WILL be available for the recording time of Monday, December 20, from 12-1pm PT, if selected.
  4. Deadline for submissions is Wednesday, December 15. We will contact those who have been selected by Friday, December 17.

Dancing with the TNT stars:

In the interest of focusing your awesome efforts, we are redacting this idea. Let's face it. The last thing you want to do is dance in front of a camera. Unless you're playing the Kinect.


New TWiT Interview series - we need a name!

In October, we launched a new interview show co-hosted by Leo and Tom. The idea was born after Leo interviewed Don Tapscott, who promoted his new book Macrowikinomics.

This still untitled show is a 30-45 min discussion with high profile newsmakers/big thinkers. Many of the people interviewed so far have been guests on TWiT in the past. However, this is an opportunity to have an open discussion on anything.

We have a couple of interviews lined up this month.

-November 17th at 4pm PST: Kevin Kelly, author of "What Technology Wants"

-November 24th at 4pm PST: Gary Vaynerchuck

Here's our interview with Steve Wozniack:

Next was EFF founder John Perry Barlow:

Then former Digg CEO Jay Adelson:

What do you think about the show? Let us know in the comments and suggest a name!


MacBreak Weekly, Pre-show 11/9/2010

By popular demand, here's the big pre-show before Episode 220. We'll have a downloadable version soon! I'll update here when it's available.

Happy Halloween from TWiT!

Thanks to @grahamhancock for the screengrab.


TWiT shows "bring the funny"

This is nothing new to those of you who are long time viewers/listeners. However, I'm still a n00b and honestly had no idea that many of the hosts constantly "bring the funny"! Take your pick: pre, post or during the show. Whatever the time, there is almost always something funny shared.

It's a new goal of mine to take excerpts from the livestream and post them - specifically pre or post show. Here are some of my picks from the last week:

Gina's Tip of the week, The Facebook Condom:

Windows Weekly - the scissors incident:

iPad Today, Sarah needs a barber:

I'll try and post interesting and funny clips when I see them. If you have suggestions, let me know! In the meantime, subscribe to our YouTube channel to be the first to see the funny!