Big Day at TWiT! Tech News Today with Tom Merritt launches

Big Day at TWiT!

Today we launched a big daily show called "Tech News Today," starring Tom Merritt, Becky Worley and Sarah Lane and others, produced and engineered by Erik Lanigan.

Tom Merritt is the former host of CNET's "Buzz Out Loud" and was also at TechTV way back when. Becky was at TechTV and currently is the tech correspondent for "Good Morning America." Sarah was also at TechTV as well as Revision3 and most recently Current. "Tech News Today" will be recorded live each day Monday through Friday at 2:30pm PT/5:30pm ET on See it at


We catch up with Woz in the iPad line

The remote crew of Erik, Colleen and Dane caught up with Steve Wozniak waiting in line the night before the iPad was launched. Great interview by Erik, and due to Colleen's great engineering and coordinating technology and personnel, we were able to stream the video live at high quality. Woz loved our rig, by the way.


TWiG sort of gets criticized by Howard Stern

If you've been following "This Week in Google," you'll love this comment by Howard Stern commenting about Jeff Jarvis bagging on Howard using Lotus Notes for email.


Amber and Leo with Damain Kulash of OK Go

Damian Kulash of OK Go came on net@night today to discuss leaving EMI, YouTube embeddability, "This Too Shall Pass," "Here It Goes Again," OK Go starting its new label Paracadute Recordings, and more.


LisaTickledPink beating LovelyButton

So LisaTickledPink is now edging out LovelyButton for most followers on Twitter, clearly demonstrating that TWiT has more media power than Conan O'Brien. OK it probably doesn't prove that - who knows what it proves, but it's still interesting.

Here's a New Zealand news item of Lisa that tells you all about her. Also see Kiwi technophobe turns into cyberspace sensation.