Amber and Leo with Damain Kulash of OK Go

Damian Kulash of OK Go came on net@night today to discuss leaving EMI, YouTube embeddability, "This Too Shall Pass," "Here It Goes Again," OK Go starting its new label Paracadute Recordings, and more.


LisaTickledPink beating LovelyButton

So LisaTickledPink is now edging out LovelyButton for most followers on Twitter, clearly demonstrating that TWiT has more media power than Conan O'Brien. OK it probably doesn't prove that - who knows what it proves, but it's still interesting.

Here's a New Zealand news item of Lisa that tells you all about her. Also see Kiwi technophobe turns into cyberspace sensation.


For the record, Leo's crowd surfing videos

You guys have seen Leo's crowd surfing videos, but here they are all in one place.

Jeremy Johnstone's great video

Here's the Diggnation footage:

Here's the footage Leo shot himself

And others:





Amber and Leo's old interview with Ev Williams (from March 7, 2007)

Today, four years to the day after Jack Dorsey posted the first tweet to launch Twitter in March 2006, I thought I'd link you back to the original interview of when Ev Williams came onto net@night. Ironically, when the interview was done on March 7, 2007, a year after its founding, Twitter was still really only an afterthought to the conversation.

People often ask when TWiT got started. TWiT was launched in 2005.


LisaTickledPink, you're going to REALLY hate technology now

Lisa, hope you don't have notifications turned on on your phone. Because as spelled out in "Lisa Etheridge / LisaTickledPink, Prepare for Your Life to Change," the TWiT gang tried to one-up Conan O'Brien by giving a random person a lot of followers. Kevin Rose picked her because she only had two followers and two tweets. Her second tweet said "I hate technology." Follow away.

 UPDATE: 30 hours later Lisa is tweeting up a storm, has nearly 11,000 followers, is going to be on a New Zealand radio show, and has said she now loves technology.