TWiT Apps Available on New Apple TV Boxes

Apple's new Apple TV adds support for apps. We're excited to announce that there are three fan-created TWiT apps available today, at launch.

The "TWiTtv" app was created by Craig Mullaney of ShiftKeySoftware. The app features both the live stream and pre-recorded episodes of all TWiT shows.  Craig has previously created popular TWiT apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X, and Roku.

Stuart J. Moore of Intentionally Blank has created "The TWiT Network" app which uses the TWiT API to allow access to on-demand episodes.  The app also features the live stream as well as the ability to view the chat room while you watch.

The third app is titled "TWiT on TV" and was created by Mike Milinazzo of If{Then}Develop.  It also uses the TWiT API in order to provide the latest information.

Thanks to our incredible app developers for staying ahead of the curve and helping make our content available on Apple TV.

Please note that these apps are only available on the new Apple TV, not previous models.

TWiT Shows Are Coming to Google Play

As you may have heard, Google announced today that they are adding podcasts to Google Play.

TWiT is excited to be a part of Google's announcement, and we will have more details soon on when you can start subscribing to and streaming our shows through Google Play Music.

Stay tuned!


TWiT Fall 2015 Limited Edition T-Shirts

For the next few weeks, you can help support TWiT by ordering one of these new, limited edition T-shirts.

Screen-printed on a black, high quality, Men's Fruit of the Loom or Women's Next Level* 100% cotton T-shirt, these shirts feature a unique and colorful rendition of the TWiT bug.
They're only $20 plus shipping, and you can order yours here:
*Please note: The Women's style T-shirts are a V-Neck cut.

FLOSS Weekly is Moving to Tuesdays

Starting on October 13, 2015--with Episode #358--FLOSS Weekly is moving its recording day/time to Tuesdays at 8AM Pacific.

Episodes will release later that day. You can subscribe at


Windows 10 Device Event: 10/6 at 7AM

On Tuesday, October 6th at 7AM, please join us for our live coverage of Microsoft's Windows 10 device event in New York City.

We will be carrying Microsoft's live stream, and Leo Laporte and Mike Elgan will be joined by special guests (TBA) to provide commentary.

You can watch and listen at, and we will release the coverage later that day as a TWiT Live Special for download and on-demand streaming.

(All times PDT, GMT -7:00)