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TWiT's 2016 Audience Survey is Now Open

Our annual TWiT Audience Survey is now open. It should take 5-10 minutes of your time and that contribution is so valuable to us.

We do this once a year to get a general idea of who our audience is, both to help us make better programming and help us pick advertisers we think you'd be interested in.

I understand that some of the demographic questions here are personal. We do not identify you in any way in this survey and we only use the aggregate information from the roughly 20,000 responses we get each year. (Things like: "50% of our audience has a college degree or better.")

If you feel uncomfortable about answering any of the questions, please skip them. (That's better than making up an answer, by the way. No information is much better than misinformation.) I know many of you take privacy very seriously, and I promise always to protect that.

Once again, thank you for participating. This is a very material contribution to TWiT and helps us serve each of you better. I am always very clear that TWiT exists because of you. Your support makes it possible, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great opportunity you have given us.
Leo Laporte
Chief TWiT

TWiT Live Event Coverage for February 2016

TWiT will be covering the following events in February:

February 8: The 9th Annual TechCrunch Crunchies (coverage)
February 12-18: DeveloperWeek (coverage)
February 21: Samsung Unpacked 2016 (coverage)
February 22-25: Mobile World Congress

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TWiT's New YouTube Playlists

We've made some changes to our TWiT YouTube Channel. You can now save individual playlists, which aggregate TWiT content from all of our shows by category.

Here are the playlists (so far):

Once you save a playlist to your account, it will appear on your sidebar and automatically update when new content is added.

We will update this post as we continue to add more playlists, based on your suggestions and as dictated by content.

Check out all of the TWiT YouTube Playlists here.



TWiT Live Schedule for 2016

Happy New Year! This is just a reminder that the new TWiT Live schedule starts today.
11:00AM - Triangulation
12:30PM - iOS Today
  3:00PM - Know How
  4:00PM - Tech News Today

  9:30AM - FLOSS Weekly
11:00AM - MacBreak Weekly
  1:30PM - Security Now
  4:00PM - Tech News Today
  5:00PM - All About Android

11:00AM - Windows Weekly
  1:00PM - This Week in Google
  4:00PM - Tech News Today
  5:00PM - Android App Arena
  6:00PM - Ham Nation

11:00AM - Know How
  2:00PM - Home Theater Geeks
  4:00PM - Tech News Today

11:00AM - This Week in Law
  4:00PM - Tech News Today

11:00AM - The Tech Guy

11:00AM - The Tech Guy
  3:00PM - This Week in Tech

(All times PST, UTC/GMT -8:00)


As always, episodes will be available for download and on demand streaming later the same day.